Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In response to the last....

In response to the last post I wanted to clarify which song was for who.

Nate:Of course I would put a BNL song for you. We flew all the way to Chicago just to see them. They're an amazing group and you really taught me to appreciate them. Thank-you! They are such a talented group.

Mom:Nothing but the best for you which of course is Barbara! I remember watching yentl when I was a kid and thinking about what an amazing actress she was. The same rings true today. You gave me my love for musical theatre.

Dad:Two things remind me of you....Old Spice and drumming on the steering wheel. Of course the song you would drum to would be Chicago. I think it helped me understand what kind of person my dad is. I still love Chicago.

Kellie: I'll draw you a picture.....Ford Probe, Main Street in Roy(on our way to get slurpees of course) and CAKE playing the on the radio. I always admired you growing up but I remember wanting to drive for the first time when this moment occurred.

Kenzie: Only you and I understand corny songs like this. Also only you and I cry about sappy moments in movies like this. I'm glad that when I'm crying in a movie and feel like an idiot.....I can always look over and know I'm not the only one with teary eyes.

Melissa Clark:Baby it's cold outside but this version (from Elf) reminds me of you. You are the only person I know that watched Elf and Nightmare before Christmas about once a week. It's really cute! The best moms are always the ones who really enjoy life and don't forget what's important to them!!

Kerianne:Music is really important to me. I feel like if someone hates the music I love we can't be friends. You and I have very similar taste in music and I think that's why we are such good friends. I remember when I asked you to burn the Colbie Calliat CD...was when I decided that you and I were more than just co-workers.

Darcie:Who could forget dressing up like whores to lady marm? You are the only person who I can really let me guard down and make an absolute fool of myself with. By the way where is that video?

Claire:Remember when you gave me the Gavin Degraw CD for the first time? You said he was going to be big and it's very true. You have introduced me to a lot of new music I know cherish!!! The wedding CD's you made me are still my favorite things to listen to.

Thanks to all for playing the game.