Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching up..

Because I've been with school and showstoppers, I didn't get a chance to postthings about this wonderful fall season. First evernt: Halloween Maddie dressed up as Cinderella and we (Nana, Maddie and myself) went to the Ward Halloween Party. I'm really startiing to enjoy my ward. They had a costume parade, which she loved, and then we went trick or treating around the church. It was really fun!

Nate and I were just too busy to do our Halloween Party this year so instead we carved pumpkins and went trick-or-treating with the Barnes Family. Nate went as a Mad scientist, I was a vampire (or pregnant Bella) and Maddie was again Cinderella.

Second Event: Thanksgiving This year Nate and I did Thanksgiving with just our family! It was so neat to make everything from scratch and it also gave me a lot of appreciatation for how much effort my mom always puts into Thanksgiving. We invited our moms to enjoy the meal. It was a great day! I have picture of the dinner hiwever, they are on Nate's phone so I'll post them later.
The Last event: School
This semester was a huge milestone for me because I actually passed Math 1010. This might seem like nothing to most people, however I struggle with Math like no other subject. Give me a 30 page paper to write and I will have it done in the morning. But logarithims and quadratic equations are another story. I've never worked so hard in ANY other class. And with my B- posted online there's no way they can take that away from me. I'm also official a Junior at WSU. It only took four years but it's worth it! I can't wait to be done. Anyway, here's a picture of me hard at work in graphic design.
Another class that required a lot of hard work and time was Weber State News. Here's the video of when I produced and was the Lead Anchor. It's crazy how much I hate the news after having this class LOL.

Nate also had quite the difficult semester and I think we are both relieve I will be taking next semester off. Till Summer!

Growing Babe!

This pregnancy I've taken pictures a little differently. The first one we had me stand by the calendar and pose sideways. This time I've just taken a picture of my belly. I think it's neat to see the change.

hummmm...what to do

Well bedrest has some ups and downs but I try to keep busy. One thing I like to keep busy with is reading and crafts. It also gives me an excuse to catch up on my blogging. Yesterday, I started looking up different way to decorate our bathroom and I kind of got carried away. Well, I ended up designing my dream house. Here's what I ended up with. Let me know what you think.

Master Suite with Breakfast Balcony
“Chocolate Lovers”
Colors: Chocolate Brown, Black, Gold

Elements:Satin, Stone, Tweed, Fireplace, Textured Walls
Focus: Lighting~

Master Bathroom:
“Naturalist Spa Get away”
Colors: Dark Black/Brown, Pale Green, White

Elements:Mahogany, Sheer Fabric, Shutters, River Rock
Focus:Natural Light~

Breakfast Balcony:
“French Cafe”
Color: Red, Green, Grey

Elements: Planters Boxes, Cast Iron Table, Canvas Umbrella with lanterns
Focus: Greenery with interchangeable planter boxes

Bedroom #1:
“1920's Paris”
Color: Cream, Pale Pink, Champagne

Elements: Lace, Cream painted Iron, Satin, Chandelier, Brick
Focus: Romantic Lighting and Art

Bedroom #2:
“Whimsical Cape Cod”
Color: White, Orange, Blue

Element: Bead-board, Quilts, Ocean Elements (starfish, Anchors)
Focus: Natural Lighting

“Swiss Education”
Colors: Lime Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White

Elements: Bookshelves, Chaise Lounge Chair, Levi, White Cotton curtains with embroider detail, abstract art
Focus: Artistic Creativity

Upstairs Bathroom:
“Polar Bear Club”
Colors: Monochromatic Blue, white and beige

Elements: whicker, spa robes, canned lighting, towels, bamboo
Focus:Natural Lighting balanced with artificial lighting

Middle Floor
Half Bath
“Modern Bumble Bath”
Colors: Black, White, mustard Yellow

Elements: OrnateSilver, Wallpaper, Florals, black chandelier
Focus: Ornate Lighting

Great room:
“Sunset Safari”
Colors: Black/Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow

Elements: African Exploring elements (trunk, elephants) Chair rail with yellow/orange top and red/orange bottom with textured walls, Tall and large furniture elements, leather, Heavy draperies
Focus: Warm lighting and inviting

“Modern Country Garden”
Colors: Pear Green, Cream, White, Black

Elements: Honey Oak, Stainless Steel, White Tile, Fresh Greens, Cabinets with Glass Doors, circles
Focus: Fresh and Crisp Kitchen

Dinning Room:
“Tuscan Countryside Villa”
Colors: Purple, brown, wine red, cream

Elements: Wood with architectural detail, iron, small color accents
Focus: Comfort and Lighting

Sitting Room/Piano Room:
“Serene Swiss Comfort”
Colors: White, Orange, Robin Egg Blue, Dark Cedar wood from Piano

Elements: Large White Plush Couch, Blue textured walls, paisley fabric, silk orange pillows, pottery
Focus: Comfort and Natural Lighting reflected with furniture

“Asian Powder Room”
Colors: Pink, Purple, Black

Elements: Polish Black Stone, Ornate Wallpaper, Bear-claw Bath, sitting vanity, tropical flowers
Focus:Sophisticated Night Life

Bedroom #3
“Hidden Beauty Bedroom”
Colors: Green, Black, Yellow

Elements: Black Rock, Four-post black bed frame, ceramic tile, Sheer fabric
Focus:Relaxation with Asian Elements

Bedroom #4
“Pioneer Purity”
Colors: White,Antique White, Cream, White bed frame

Element: Quilts, Fabrics, Rocking Chair, Silver/Brass Pictures, Lace
Focus: Comfort in Sleeping “This room is what pioneer women dreamed of coming home to”

Great Room/Kitchen:
“Functional Family Room”
Colors: monochromatic browns, cream, beige, white, sage

Elements:easy clean fabrics, lots of seating, large lighting elements, mismatched furniture
Focus: Comfort meets Capability