Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're expecting!

As many of you know Nate and I are expecting our second baby in January. I am both scared and excited for this! Having another baby is such a joy and exciting time in life. Now I need to start doing some planning.

I am planning to take just one class during Spring semester which might prove difficult.
I am also planning to take about six weeks off from my jobs which could also be difficult but we will see for now. I have a hard time telling people no and I'm a little concerned I will do too much.

However, with the stressful planning also comes the exciting part for me. Today I starting looks through all my maternity clothes and found some blankets we saved for our second child (they deserve something new too right?)

These are my plans for either a boy or a girl.

If we have a boy we're planning to name him Thomas Kenneth and call him T.K. If it's a girl we are going to name her Olivia Janet (another child named after a book) and call her Libbie J. As most of you know I don't appreciate the fact that my name is just Kamie. I always wished I had something more professional to go by so thus my children get Madeline and Thomas Kenneth.
Since we live with my mother right now we're a little tight on space. It got me thinking where in the world are we going to fit another child? And then....the epiphany! The cute little alcove where my computer desk resides will be a perfect spot for the new baby. It's close to the fire which will be a great source for sound and warmth but still far enough away that I will not go crazy with our new tenant.
So now I most recent idea? Decor! I found these great pictures of ideas I have. If it's a boy I would like to do a Lime green and Chocolate Brown Room.

And for Libbie's room....Olivia decor of course. Black, White and Red. A long time ago my cousin introduced me to this great almost vintage looking Olivia fabric and I fell in love!