Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's a boy!

Wow! I can't believe how much has happened since I last posted something. To say that life has been crazy is a HUGE understatement. So since this post will be a bit longer I've titled each section so you might read what you are interested in.

#1 Baby Update

We found out that we are having a boy! I can't believe it. I was in shock for about a week until it hit me. I am going to have a messy, truck playing, frog wanting, dirt eating little boy. I feel like I know nothing about boys!!! Really. However, through prays and guidance from my father in heaven I move forward with faith. I've done many difficult things in my life so who's to say I can't do this? LOL In the meantime I'm getting lots of good advice from friends and relatives with boys. We decided to name him Desmond Kenneth Barnes. I love love love this name for many different reasons. First, it's not incredibly popular. Second, I really like the accompanying nicknames (i.e. Dez, Dezzy). And last Nate chose it. I was very passionate about our first daughter being named Madeline because it's so special to me. Since Nate was very willing to let me have that name, I am more than willing to have him pick our son's name.

#2 Madeline

Maddie is doing great and growing well. She hasn't gained a ton of weight however, her last doctor's appointment was the first time she was on the growth charts. She loves to play pretend and enjoys going to preschool with her cousin Brinlee. Her favorite movie is Cinderella and she loves to dance with her life size Cinderella. It's so cute. I'm not sure she's sold on the idea of having a sibling but she loves to say goodnight to Dez. Her language skills blow me away and it's only when I'm around my four-year-olds in class that I realize how ahead she is. She doesn't enjoy having her hair done and after a week of struggling to do something with her hair, I took her in and cut it off. It's so cute and looks great on her. She's starting to fear certain things like bugs and flip flops (crazy huh?). In fact, she told me the other day that wearing flip flops is "too dangerous". Although I don't get that much time with her, I cherish the time we do spend together.

#3 Nate-school/work

Nate has been super busy with school and tests. He doesn't like to boast so let me do it for him. Nate is amazing at his program. Just the fact that he was accepted into his program the first time is pretty amazing. Not only does be excel in class but he's gotten over 90% on all of his test. He blows my mind!!!! It's not like these classes are easy either. We talking Clinical Math and Chemistry. I'm super proud of my hubby and thankful that although he works a lot he still willing to come home and work so I can rest. Also, I'm thankful that his beard is gone :)

#4 :)
Being in school has been crazy, but super fun. I've enjoyed my classes and have turned in some major projects already. I've turned four stories for the Weber State News which is pretty neat. I might be anchoring sometime soon and am really nervous for. I'll let you know if or when I'm on.
Showstoppers is going well and moving along. I'm teaching eight different classes and 11 private students so this keeps me quite busy. It is fun but I'm looking forward to a little bit of a break.
Last weekend my sweet mother took my daughter to the zoo and let me get some homework done. Since they were gone for quite some time I was able to do a craft as well. This wreath took a while but was so fun.

Another project was finding a place for Dez. Since we thought it would be difficult for Maddie to share a room with him and this point I've tried to Maximize size by putting the crib in an alcove.

It's not the best place but it will have to do for now. I loved the colors and my mother-in-law is making me bumper pads! I can't wait!
That' pretty much it other than getting into my last trimester.
I'm so happy and excited for this new baby. There's a lot to worry about but I've turned my worries into faith in the Lord that he will help me accomplish these things. Hopefully it won't be another three months for my next post!