Sunday, January 9, 2011

Annoucing Desmond Kenneth Barnes

This is our sweet baby Desmond Kenneth Barnes born December 28th 2:34 a.m. He weighed 7lbs even and was 18 inches long. Although he came three weeks early he is doing great! Maddie is very helpful with her new baby brother. She is so excited to be a big sister. If you would like the whole story scroll down.

So here's how it all happened. Monday night Nate got home from work and I was having contractions like normal. My sister had let me borrow her Twilight movies, so I was watching New Moon. I really didn't want to go to the hospital (because I thought they would just send me home) but since they were coming every 3-7 minutes we thought it was time. We got to the hospital around midnight.
When we got to the hospital a girl in the ER ask me (in the middle of a contraction) "what are we seeing you for?" I probably shot her the meanest look, but I'm sure she's seem that look before. When we got into triage I was dilated to a 5 and 90 effaced! Nate and I were so happy because that meant no more contractions. It was now around one a.m. but we decided to call our parents and wake them up. After getting all ready, we headed for the operating room (I had a c-section because of complications when I had Maddie).
Having a c-section was a very different experience than vaginal. There was music playing and everyone in the room was calm. I even remember them quoting Elf while they were cutting. And then before I knew it, they held this purple baby over the blue curtain. All I could think was "Who's baby is that?" LOL I'm pretty sure this story would be very different if told from Nate's point of view.
I stayed four days in the hospital and had no complications with the surgery. We've had lots of help along the way which we are very grateful for. Dez is such a sweet, calm baby. I still think to myself "Who's baby is this?"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Very Merry Christmas!

Nate, Maddie and I had a very Merry Christmas. This year was very different because I wasn't able to go anywhere because I was on bedrest. Still, it was nice to have a low key Christmas. Normally our family runs around from 5:00 a.m. and return around 11:00 p.m. because we have four different parents to visit. So this year was great. It all started on Christmas Eve morning. My Dad and Debbie came over for breakfast and we opened gifts then. They gave Maddie this adorable mini Cinderella doll (which she loved). Also Aunt Kenzie made Maddie this adorable tutu which she now refused to take off (That's why she's dressed as a pretty princess in the picture). My step mom Debbie made us (all 23 members of my family) beautiful stockings all hand sewn. They are sooo beautiful. It was super fun. Next we had a Christmas Eve dinner. Every year my mother-in-law makes each of us pajama pants for Christmas. Nate and I always open them Christmas Eve and then take pictures in front of the Christmas Tree. This year our family double in size. Also this is the sixth year we've written Christmas Testimonies. I love our traditions. The next morning we woke up at 6:00 a.m. to open presents. Nana also came to visit while we opened presents. She got Maddie a pillow pet and a doll house. She loves them. I got Nate Alton Brown's book "I'm only here for the food", a new outfit and some measuring cups. Nate got me a new purse, outfits, trench coat and new pillows! It was great. We got Maddie lots of little things but she two big presents were first; Cinderella on DVD and second she got a leotard, ballet shoes and lessons at ShowStoppers. She can't wait!! We didn't really make it to anywhere else on Christmas because my contractions got really bad. But later Nate we to visit his Dad and his mom of which we got super spoiled Me: Maternity Massage and gift card to buy clothes that fit after the baby gets here Nate: Another gift card for clothes and a huge box assorted meats and cheeses and Maddie: a tricycle, lots of clothes and yet another tutu. It was great. The next couple of days we enjoyed our time together while Nate is on break. Nate and Maddie made a snowman outside and went sledding in the backyard. I told Nate that I want to be able to have fun next winter and not be nine months pregnant.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year End Review

This year was amazing and like last year I feel the need to review what happened because it all went so fast.

January: After living with my sister Kenzie and her husband Brad for a month we moved in with my mom. It was a big decision but I'm glad we did it. We also rented our house out in Layton to a very nice couple. Nate began his second semester in the Clinical Lab Science program at Weber and I returned back to school for Public Relations.

February: Maddie spent her first night in a big girl bed and we (Maddie and I) celebrated Valentines Day by making cookies and getting pretty for Daddy. Nate and I took a trip up to Lava Hot Springs for Valentines Day.

March: I had a fun St. Patricks Day party with my family (truly it was for Maddie and my niece Brinlee). For Valentines I gave Nate a date of the month club which we've recently had difficulties finding time to do it, however I plan to give the same gift again :) (Luckily he never reads our blog lol). The date in March was Romancing the Alleys. We both studied for test and bowled at the same time. It was great.

April:In April Maddie celebrate her second birthday with a trip to chuck-e-cheese. We had so much fun! I also went to Park City for my mom's birthday and had a girl night for my birthday. Yah for 25! This months date was up to Logan to the temple and then to the BlueBird for dinner. Always a favorite. I also tried out for Footloose at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse and made Rusty (the supporting lead)

May: In May I ran the Ogden 5K and had a blast doing it. Nate and I both finished our finals with great relief and (dramatic drum roll).......We found out we were expecting!!!!! We were both so in shock that it took a while to set in! ShowStoppers had their Spring show and I got some relief.

June: I started summer semester which wasn't the greatest but pushed through it anyway. Nate picked up more hours at Garcia's and Maddie waited patiently for her mother to become available for play time. Footloose opened and Maddie came to the show a lot. She can sing the theme song "Footloose" almost all the way through. My daughter defiantly has a love for music.

July: This month my cousin Carli got married (which is super exciting). I wrote a huge paper for my Comm Law class while Nate looked for jobs at McKay Dee. Maddie still waited patiently for me to have more time (bless her heart). ShowStoppers summer camp was in and my sister Kenzie join the team (so happy).

August: Summer semester was finally over and we took a family vacation to celebrate the three weeks of summer we actually got. We went up to my grandpa's property in Preston Idaho and Maddie had a really hard time sleeping.

September: School was back in session and both Nate and I knew this semester was going to be hard but we did it anyway. We found out that we were having a boy and decorated his "room" over Labor Day weekend. Maddie seemed open to the idea of having a brother and I defiantly started looking pregnant. I also started teaching 8 classes at ShowStoppers, 14 private voice students, and a preschool class with my niece and my daughter. Things got busy quick!

October: Poor Daddy always has to miss fun things like trick-or-treating and Halloween parties because he is working. But we still try to have fun even though he's not there. Maddie was Cinderella for Halloween (her FAVORITE Disney Princess).

November: Nate is at the top of his class for CLS (which is amazing). One day he missed class and his professor didn't know the answer to something. One of his follow students later told us the he said "Where's Nate? He would know this." Isn't that amazing? I had my private recital this month and was glad to see things slow down a little. I was also feeling super pregnant. Maddie was spending more and more time on campus. She got up on Saturday and said "Are we feeding the ducks today?" That's when I realized that feeding the ducks and being up on campus was becoming routine for her.

December: After spending Thanksgiving with just our moms and us things felt like they were really going to be low key until the on Black Friday I started having contractions. The Doctor put me on bedrest with one week of school left and 4 ShowStopper performance to do. After struggling through bedrest, finals, work, and performances Nate, Maddie and I welcomed our new baby boy Desmond Kenneth Barnes on December 28th at 2:34 a.m.

Wow! Is it okay that I wish for a less stressful 2011? This year took a lot out of me and after careful consideration I am taking this semester off. I will still be attending summer semester but as of right now the most important thing to me is my family. Happy New Year!!!