Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Dez Update

Baby Dez is growing like a weed but has the temper of a thorny bush. And get this....he has red hair!! What? We have no idea where that comes from. Both of us has a red tint but baby Dez looks like he will definitely be a redhead or at least reddish brown.

Baby Dez got surgery.

He was born with a small clef lip and went down to Primary Children's on the first of April to have it fixed. He was such a trooper and the team down there are excellent. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. He is doing great!

Right after the surgery

He had to wear arm restraints. It was so sad.

Two weeks after surgery. He is healing so fast!

Maddie Update

I figured since I was posting quite a bit I would do individual child updates. Maddie is going wonderfully. She is very excited to celebrate her 3rd birthday on the 22nd of April. Here's some of the achievements Maddie has made this year.

In January Maddie started at ShowStoppers.

Her class has 6 other girls one of which is her best friend and cousin Brinlee. Maddie and Brinlee are the youngest in the class which can be a struggle at times but all in all I think they are both doing very well. They are doing three songs: When you wish upon a star, Bibbity Bobbity boo and Beautiful Briny Sea. I love teaching her class. Although I don't know how school teachers teach their own children. I don't think I would have the patience to do so.

Maddie is a great big sister!
She loves to hold baby Dez and always asks first. I can tell she really loves him because if he isn't with us she says "Oh no! We forgot baby Dez!" I then explain to her that baby Dez can't come to ShowStoppers because he's too little. She get's so worried. It's adorable!

She can ride.......well kind of.

She got a tricycle for Christmas this year and has wanted to ride it almost everyday since. Finally we got some nice weather for she to play. She tried really hard to pedal but her legs are so short that it might take a little while before she gets the hang of it. Until then we have lots of fun watching her. LOL

Las Vegas!!!

Since Nate and I didn't get a chance to celebrate our sixth year anniversary (Dez was only 6 days old) we decided to head to Las Vegas.
Here we are beginning our adventure. We almost weren't able to go because I threw out my back two days before. But with some help from loved ones and lots of rest I was able to still go.
When we got there it was super early so we explored our hotel. It was amazing!! We stayed at the Cosmopolitan. It's named after the museum and has lots of random artwork everywhere in the hotel.

It was the cleanest, nicest hotel I've ever seen in Vegas. They gave us an upgraded room!!

The is our view from the balcony!

Oh and did I mention this view??!!?!?

Our hotel also had this amazing crystal chandelier bar as well as this huge shower at the pool. LOL

Yah it was pretty incredible! We went to the tournament of the Kings and ate at Bobby Flay's Restaurant! We loved it!

Our last day we went to New York New York (I just love Greenwich village there). I found this cute door! It's my dream to have a yellow and black house :)

That night we got to see our friend's Melanie, Nephi and there adorable son Anderson. Nephi is going to med school in Las Vegas so it was super fun to see them. Sweet Melanie is 9 months pregnant and I'm sure she's the cutest prego I've seen :) We went to see the fountains and the gardens at the Bellagio.

All in all we had a great time. Although Vegas is a pretty corrupt city we tried to stay away from places that made us feel uncomfortable and I will tell you this was the most positive experience I've ever had in Las Vegas. We'll be going back soon!!

New Project: The Bathroom

The interior design bug bit me after spending some time with my cousin Melissa. Every time I am over at her house we are like two little school girl, but instead of being exciting about our latest crush, we have a crush on styles. This led to my latest creation and here's how it turned out.....

The Before

The After

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Those of you patiently waiting....

I'll admit that my blogging has taken a backseat recently. I do have much to blog about however my life is pretty unmanageable right now. While I am working to organize life and be a good mom to both children bare with me. I will be posting some adorable pictures soon!!!