Thursday, July 28, 2011

April Update!

April is always a big month at our house! But before I dive into birthdays and all that I have to tell you about a new focus I have. Now that we are officially a family of four I've started doing family fun time! for our first adventure we went down to the Mayan (which no on had been except me) and explored the world of "fine diving" LOL (I'm so cheesy).

For my birthday Nate took me to the roof and I went to the Salt Lake Temple for the first time! I know! Crazy! Seven years of being endowed and I just barely went and did a session there. It was amazing and probably the best birthday I've ever had. The roof is some much better if you are with your true love and not some lame prom date would forgets his check book LOL.

Then that Friday (at my request) my wonderful friends and family went Laser tagging! And seriously it was just what I wanted! My sister Kenzie made a beautiful cake with says "Happy Birthday" in french.

I really liked this birthday. I wouldn't mind repeating it because 26 seems like an easy age.
Stay tuned for Maddie's Birthday......................

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Kenzie said...

That's funny, we just went to the Mayan. I bet Maddie loved it as much as Brinlee Did